The Stork's Nest

October 2007

Raymond Frederic "Rick" Kinne II

November 11, 1963 - October 6th, 2007

Our Son, Rick

We lost our oldest son, Rick, Saturday in a tragic motorcycle accident.

Sadly, our entire family was gathering Saturday morning to help our youngest son move into his new home. Rick was doing what he does best...helping others. Whenever someone needs help, he is always the first in line! He was on his way to get the packed trailer and drive it to Matthew's new house where we were all gathering to unload it.

At 8:30 am, just as I was leaving our home in West Jefferson to join the family, the OSU Emergency Dept. called to tell me Rick had been in a motorcycle crash at 7 am. That was all she would say on the phone. As I raced to the hospital, I knew in my heart that Rick had not survived. I called his only child, Ray (21), on my way to the hospital and he met me there.

Unfortunately, the doctor told us they had tried their best, but could not save him. He had no signs of life at the scene. He received many, many units of blood, but they were unable to give him blood as fast as he was bleeding internally. He had massive chest and pelvic injuries. I learned from the investigating officer Sunday morning that when the SUV failed to yield to oncoming 50 mph traffic and turned in front of him, he was ejected from his motorcycle and his body crashed into the right rear side of the SUV. The doctor assured us that he had died instantly from the impact and did not suffer.

Monday morning, Fred and I and Rick's son, Ray, met with the funeral home to finalize plans. We decided that Rick will be cremated. This was the hardest day for me. I had to (and wanted to) see Rick one last time to identify his body before cremation. Ray and I went in to see him. I don't think Ray really wanted to see him again, but I don't think he wanted me to have to do it alone. All the tubes were gone and he had been cleaned up and he really looked like Rick. He had very few visible injuries. For me, the finality of seeing his body for the very last time really undid me.

Ray plans to build a casket for him (at Rick's request) and we will create a time capsule of sorts, including some of Rick's ashes and remembrances from those who loved him. The casket will then be buried either at Rick and Ray's home in West Jeff or at our new home in Newark.

We are trying to see through our fog of shock to make plans for a gathering to celebrate his life. After meeting with the funeral home, our family gathered here at our home for lunch and sharing. Rick's cousin, Kathy, came, unasked and took over preparing lunch for everyone. Everyone shared photos and stories and simply clung to each other. We decided what Rick would have wanted was a big party! So we have planned to have a casual Memorial Gathering on the afternoon of Rick's 44th birthday -- Sunday, November 11th. This gathering at Rick and Ray's home will be open to everyone, as a funeral would have been...and will likely include lots of food and a big bon fire! For those of you who knew Rick, I am sure you will agree that this kind of memorial is just his style!

With Ray being a full time OSU student, still living at home, there are many financial concerns, at least until Rick's estate is settled. It has be so hard to focus on the "business" end of things at this time, but we have no choice. And for Ray, at almost 22, it is a huge responsibility. We are doing what we can to help him with these big decisions. We decided at our family gathering to set up a "Rick Kinne Memorial Fund" for Ray's education, in lieu of flowers. We hope to get that set up on Tuesday when the banks are again open.

Thanks to all of you who have called and written and reached out to try to comfort us.

We hope to get the obituary in the Columbus Dispatch in a day or two. The following was in the Columbus Dispatch Sunday morning:

West Jefferson man killed in motorcycle-SUV crash
A motorcyclist was killed yesterday morning on the Far West Side after a collision with a sport-utility vehicle, Columbus police said.

Raymond F. Kinne II, 43, of West Jefferson, was westbound on Roberts Road at Frazell Road about 7 a.m. when he collided with an SUV making a left turn. It was driven by Erin E. Caldwell, 20, of Galloway, police said.

Kinne was taken to Ohio State University Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead. The accident remains under investigation.


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Four Generations - Spring 1966

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Welcoming baby sister, Rene' - 2-1/2 years old

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At the NY State Fair - 5 years old

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Rick (8) with football great, Larry Csonka

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Building our pole barn - 13 years old

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Making aggession cookies - 14 years old

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Getting instruction from our friend, Gil


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