CHOICE Annual Picnic

June 19, 2004

Battelle-Darby Creek Metro Park

Jen Ward with Max


Dinah Ward


Will, son of Audra Phillips


Will, son of Phillips


Danielle and Mia Young


Erin and Grace Lippman-Vonhoffer
Danielle and Mia Young


Rick Vonhoffer, Erin Lippman and Grace Lippman-Vonhoffer


Rick Vonhoffer with Mia Young and Grace Lippman-Vonhoffer


Gianna Collins


Sasha Collins


Nadia Ferbreche




...feeling "at home"


Jen Jones and Pascale Dube with Corrine Dube


Corrine Dube


Tanya's neice, Katie Plank


and her daughter, Natalie


Seraf Fones with Grace Lippman-Vonhoffer


Evan Tremonte


Abby Dorn and Sam


Abby Dorn's mom and Sam


Osha, son of Jen and Seraf Fones


Nate Young, April Scott with Claudia
Tanya Rable-Collins


Rasa with Heidi Howes' son, Luka


The Seevers


Sara Seevers with Quentin


Rachel Shotwell and Norah


Ingram Family


Dionne and Larry Ingram with Kelley


LJ and Olivia Ingram


Samuel Ingram


Demarius Ingram

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