The Attic


I had a lot of fun with the attic...the first room
I decorated. I presumed this was the bedroom
and playroom for a boy about 3-4 years old.
This half of the room is the playroom.


The theme for the room is clowns and balloons.
I made the low toy shelf from balsa wood -
my first attempt to make furniture myself.
It turned out just right for a little boy's toys.


As you can see here, the wallpaper is balloons
and the border, which I put down low for a little
boy to enjoy, is clowns. Note that many of the
toys in the room are clowns as well.


See the little wooden train and the
chalkboard? There is also a tiny fire engine
on the top shelf.


Every young boy should have a realistic
looking rocking horse! Above that is a
clown picture that I just HAD to have!


At the top of the staircase are a couple of
balloons and a baseball and bat. (I keep
forgetting to paint that baseball white!).


On his dresser are more clowns, including clown
bookends and a gumball machine and a box of
Animal Crackers. Next the the dresser is a
wagon full of blocks, a big rubber ball
and a Monopoly game.


Hanging from the ceiling is this large,
red airplane. Imagine how much a little
guy would love that!


The other side of the room is the bedroom.
Notice the bedspread and clown in the corner
are made from the same fabric.


Do you see the little mouse peeking out from
under the bedspread? On the bed is a Teddy
bear. The lamp is a clown lamp. On the floor
is a backgammon game.


This is a desk for writing and drawing.
The clown on the wall was a charm for
a child's charm bracelet.


Under the window is Noah's Ark
with all the animals coming two-by-two.
The ark opens up with space to store the
animals inside.

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