The Bathroom


It is assumed that the original house did not
have running water, but this room (and the
kitchen) were added when running water
became available.


The lights are working lights and the
medicine cabinet has a working door.


There is even a toilet brush in a hand-painted
brush holder on the floor by the toilet.


Note the ScotTissue toilet paper on the back
of the toilet. The toilet seat works, too!


By the sink is a tiny toothbrush holder, two tiny
toothbrushes and a tube of Colgate toothpaste.


Next to the lovely etched hexagon window is an
old washstand with shaving supplies: a shaving
brush, razor and bowl, plus a mirror and towels.
On the floor is a basket of dirty laundry and
a box of Tide.


These "His" and "Hers" towels hang on a towel rack I crafted from a paperclip and two beads
- painted gold. Notice the wainscoating on the bathroom walls.
I made this from wood flooring and crown molding.

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