The Girl's Bedroom


This is their daughter's bedroom. I imagine her
to be about 4 or 5 years old. I have found it
difficult to find girls' toys from that era. I think
they mostly "played" at homemaker skills:
sewing, quilting, cooking and perhaps music.


What little girl has not
dreamed of a canopy bed!


Notice the border on the wallpaper above. I used a stencil and navy paint to make this border.
Because I was not very skilled, instead of painting the stencil right on the wallpaper, I painted it
on a separate strip of wallpaper that I had cut to border height. That way I could discard the sections
where I made mistakes.


On the wall is a small shelf with an adorable
"Sunday-Go-To-Meeting" dress on a tiny coat
hanger and a matching hat and gift.


On her dresser is a working lamp, another
basket of flowers, a flute and a Little Red
Riding Hood book...with story and pictures
on EVERY page!


I found this gorgeous handmade doll
with a porcelain face and hands.


Every dollhouse has to have a dollhouse!

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