The Living Room


This is the living room of my very Victorian house.
You can see the dining room through the door
to the left of the fireplace and the kitchen
through the door to the right of the fireplace.


On the mantlepiece, is a vase of flowers made
from tiny dried flowers. These are really quite
easy to make and look so realistic...the hard
part is finding small enough dried flowers!


The parlor area, tucked behind the staircase
provides a warm and comfortable place to
talk and read with a reading light behind
the sofa and a cool breeze coming in the window.


A bowl of fresh fruit is on the coffee table
and my little goldfish keeps the family


Isn't he cute?


Notice the magazine is Look Magazine.


On the other side of the stairs is the desk,
providing a place to pay bills and write letters.


Notice the tiny pencil on the notepad
and the authentic looking letters and bills.


Last Christmas, a friend of mine, Ruth Walsh,
made this tiny Christmas Card and sent it to me
for my dollhouse. Inside, in incredibly small
handwriting, she wrote, "Merry Christmas."


This basket was another gift from Ruth. As you
can see, I again made a flower arrangement
using tiny dried flowers.

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