The Master Bedroom


At the top of the stairs is the master bedroom.
On the bed is a romantic nightgown and a
single, long-stemmed rose. In the corner
is a full length, adjustable mirror.


On the bedside table, there is a beautiful
handpainted, working lamp.
Notice the skeleton key on the table.
I have a skeleton key for every door in the
house, but most of them are put away in a drawer.


This armoir is full of "clothing" - actually, it is
just folded pieces of fabric.


These are old fashioned, high-topped shoes
that Mom has just kicked off her feet!


Next to the staircase to the attic is a sewing
basket with scissors, thread, yarn and
knitting needles.


And here is the baby's cradle. I wove the
baby's blanket myself, using heavy
embroidery yarn.


On the coat rack is another of my hats!
They are such fun to make!

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